Unlocking genetic potential with Global Gen

At Global Gen we believe that sustainability and shrimp farming performance begins with better genetics. As our genetic selection program continuously evolves so too does the ability for our shrimp fry to perform across Asia. One of Global Gen’s customers in North Sumatra, Indonesia, is unlocking this growth potential of our Vannamei broodstock genetics. Using XpertSea’s counting and sizing precision technology (XperCount2), a large sample of Post Larva were collected and measured as part of the hatchery’s harvest process. The hatchery was able to culture PL10 with an average length of 14.5mm from rostrum to tail.

Update Farm Results:
The farm was able to harvest after 110 days of culture at Size 35 (Average Body Weight of 28.5 grams each). Initial stocking of 100 Post Larvae per square meter.

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